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About Us

Aura Cannabis Inc. is working to create a best-in-class retail experience for adult use cannabis across Western Canada once federal legalization occurs.  We are a group of passionate professionals who are building a business strategy that leverages our combined years of experience in brand, product, and retail expertise.  Together we look forward to the pending launch of this exciting new category and future store openings.

Our Leadership Team

Daniel Petrov

Daniel’s innovative and entrepreneurial mindset has made him a force in the cannabis industry. He currently works with industry related public companies in Canada, California, Washington, Hawaii and Colombia. Daniel has actively worked in the cannabis sector since 2011. He cofounded VODIS (CSE:VP) Innovative Pharmaceuticals, a company that produced and marketed medical marijuana under license from Health Canada in 2012, and held the position of Executive Vice President of Aurora Cannabis (TXS:ACB), Canada’s second largest licensed marijuana producer in Canada from 2014 to 2016. Daniel’s industry acumen serves to keep his companies on the leading edge of quality in service, technology and market development.

Donna Henuset

Donna Henuset’s professional profile can be summed up in four words “experienced, passionate, knowledgeable and entrepreneurial.” She has extensive domestic and international experience, working with startups, growth companies and mature organizations as a performance management advisor, project manager and strategist. With a Master’s in Business Administration and a designation as a Certified Professional Accountant, Donna is an executive decision maker who contributes to Aura’s success through financial expertise, strategic thinking, business insight and a passion for performance management

Andrew Gordon

Andrew Gordon specializes in operational efficiency, client relations, community partnerships and industry compliance. He has a degree in Political Science from UVIC, and is a graduate of BCIT’s Non-Profit Management Program.  Galvanized by the prospect of cannabis legalization in Canada, Andrew is passionate about working with key community stakeholders across the country to help reduce social stigma for consumers, and abate pharmaceutical drug dependence within communities.

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Sales and General Information

Phone: 778-389-2246

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